Popping Perfect Popcorn!

Our Story

Introducing Pop Corner!

It all starts with an idea…

Have you ever been sitting at home when an idea ‘popped’ into your head – a creative or amusing little daydream that you never really acted upon? Putting together all of the ‘what if’s and ‘but’s often doesn’t occur, but every now and again you can find yourself inspired and start acting upon your ideas, that’s how Pop Corner came to be! Very soon, we found ourselves popping some kernels and experimenting with drying fruit and powdering it to add our own unique flavours.

Making dreams a reality…

Before we knew it we were hooked! The next few weeks were spent experimenting, sketching and crafting until we found an image to fit our brand, but what next?

It’s all thanks to you…

We decided to involve the community, moving our project over to Kickstarter, we were amazed when we gained a phenomenal amount of support from the community, and ecstatic when we finally hit our target, we were ready to move into the real world! We really couldn’t have done it without you all!

Here we are!

Now we run a fun, friendly and creative business, and we believe there’s no target we can’t reach! Every new experience is an adventure waiting to happen!