Popping Perfect Popcorn!


Here at Pop Corner we aim to provide only the best, quality organic snacks at great prices!

Our popcorn is made to please; We use all-natural, organic ingredients paired with unique and original methods, resulting in a fun food that is satisfying to taste.

It all starts on the fields…

It is very important to us knowing exactly what is going into our food, where it comes from and how it is produced! We make sure that all of our suppliers are renowned for their high-quality produce, and deliver only the best organic, fresh products!

Our flavourings are also made from organic and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Then into the kitchen…

All of our flavours are made from fresh ingredients, dried and ground at home by yours truly – The added effort is worth it, it helps to keep a homely feel and maintain the perfect taste!

We also check our kernels, making sure only the biggest and best get to the next round.


Off you pop…

We use organic oil to coat the kernels and turn up the heat until they have all popped! Once they look good, we dish out a serving and sprinkle in the flavour of your choice.

Here comes the fun part!

Close up the top of the bag, and give it a good shake! Once you’re done, just open up the top and enjoy!

Our Flavours

blueberrystrawberry chillilimechocolatebanana